Organisational structure

  • Committee Administration
  • Legal Directorate
  • Civil Service and Personnel Directorate
  • First Section
  • Second Section
  • Finance and Accounting Directorate
  • Finance and Economics Directorate
  • One Stop Shop Service and Correspondence Directorate
  • Directorate for the Oversight of Compliance with Instructions, Executive Orders and Protocol Instructions issued by the Moscow Mayor and Government
  • Operations and Instructions Division
  • Press Service
  • Municipal Cultural Heritage Records and Historical Properties Register Directorate
  • Information Technology and Information Security Section
  • State Order Placement and Investment Project Approval Division
  • Cultural Heritage Records Expert Support Directorate
  • Archive Division
  • Cultural Heritage Properties Conservation and Use Directorate
  • Technical Services and Damage Assessment Section
  • Archaeological Heritage Protection and Use Directorate
  • Protected Landscape and Gardening Sites Directorate
  • Monuments and Historical Burial Sites Unit
  • Historical and Protected Site Redevelopment Planning Application Directorate
  • Heritage Protection and Site Use Legal Compliance Inspectorate
  • Government Contract Office
  • Conservation and Protection Status Application Processing Division
  • International Ties and Cultural Heritage Promotion Directorate
  • Technical and Maintenance Office