Organisational structure

  • Economics Directorate
  • Directorate for Property and Land Relations
  • Directorate for Tenders
  • Directorate of the Department Head
  • Retail Trade Directorate
  • State Legal Directorate
  • Organisational and Analytical Directorate
  • Food Security Information and Analytical Directorate
  • Monitoring and Analytical Directorate for State Policy in the Area of Trade and Services
  • Financial Oversight Directorate
  • Directorate for the Municipal Order and Municipal Reserves
  • Directorate for Prospective Development of Trade and Services Infrastructure, Logistics and Transport
  • Public and Collective Catering Directorate
  • Everyday Services Directorate
  • Accounting and Reporting Directorate
  • Administrative Directorate
  • Directorate for State Oversight
  • Civil Service and Personnel Division
  • Coordinating Division for Markets and Fairs
  • Non-stationary Retail Trade Division
  • First Division
  • Second Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Division for the Development of the Funeral Industry
  • Division for Security, Antiterrorism Protection, and Housing and Utilities Municipal Programmes
  • One-Stop-Shop Service Division