Organisational structure

  • Division of the Head of Department
  • Civil Service and Human Resources Directorate
  • Section One
  • Section Two
  • Legal Directorate
  • Public Relations and Media Liaison Division
  • Organisation and Analysis Directorate
  • Accounting and Reporting Directorate
  • Control and Auditing Division
  • Government Procurement Directorate
  • Social Service Directorate
  • Veteran Affairs Division
  • Major Construction and Repair Works Division
  • Social Support Directorate
  • Division for Social Security One Stop Services at District Directorates
  • Social Payments Directorate
  • Government Social Support Measures Directorate
  • Humanitarian Aid and Charity Coordination Division
  • Division of Social Support for the Homeless
  • Division for the Prevention of Child Neglect and Social Support for Families with Children
  • Directorate for the Social Integration of the Disabled
  • Division for Accessible Municipal Infrastructure
  • IT Directorate
  • General Division
  • Economic Activities Division