Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin

Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin
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"The future of Moscow lies in our hands. We have everything we need to achieve success: the wisdom of veterans, the energy of the middle generation and the optimism of the youth.." New Year’s greeting to Muscovites, 31 December 2014
"Moscow itself and its museums have been developing rapidly. In recent years, the number of museum visitors has almost doubled due to such projects as Visiting Museums Together, Museum Night and others. Moscow schools cooperate with museums and help open new exhibits and museums.." Opening of the New State Literature Museum building on Shelaputinsky Pereulok, 26 December 2014
"In Moscow miracles occur regularly: not long ago we opened the world’s biggest ice rink, unveiled the world’s largest Christmas ornament and launched the Journey to Christmas festival of fairs. These aren’t just Moscow fairs, but fairs from all over the world, from dozens of countries, regions and cities.." Visiting the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements, 19 December 2014
"We are now busy developing public transport and expanding paid parking areas. These are the main solutions for improving traffic. In addition, we are building and renovating interchanges and motorways on a massive scale. ." Interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, 12 December 2014
"I believe that the development of a city means the development of its human capital, the ability to live comfortably in a metropolis, convenient transport links and high-quality healthcare, education and social protection. ." 4th Moscow Urban Forum, 11 December 2014
"We are seeing a major breakthrough in water saving. Over the past several years water consumption fell by 14 percent and today our water consumption is in line with world standards.." ENES 2014 International Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Forum, 20 November 2014
"Every third winner of nationwide school academic contests resides in Moscow. Importantly, unlike in previous years, contest winners go to regular schools, not only elite ones. The number of such schools in Moscow has doubled.." Moscow City Duma meeting, 29 October 2014
"Over 3 million Muscovites have registered on the integrated government service centres web portal. In other words, practically every household in Moscow has access to e-services. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people use Our City, Active Citizen and a number of other e-services.." Report on the Moscow Government’s performance and basic budget parameters for 2015-2017, 29 October 2014
"By the end of 2017, we aim to open 40 new metro stations and build and renovate over 350 kilometres of roads. This is a more ambitious goal compared with the previous four years.." Interview with the Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper, 21 October 2014
"Over 100 new parks have appeared in Moscow in the last two years. All of them are based on proposals and initiatives of residents.." Moscow Government Presidium meeting, 21 October 2014
"People can be encouraged to use public transit, but if public transit is not developed and modernised, if the fleet is not replaced, if it is not made more comfortable and convenient, nothing will come of it.." Interview with Vesti FM radio station, 16 September 2014
"Moscow is 12 million hearts, 12 million unique people of different ethnicities, occupations, political views, and ages. What unites them is their energy, professionalism, drive to create, and love for this city.." City Day celebration on Red Square, 6 September 2014
"Moscow and Sevastopol are united by centuries-old history. They are also sister cities. Moscow has always stood by Sevastopol and provided spiritual and material support in times of trouble. As a result, Sevastopol has always felt itself to be a small part of great Russia.." Event with Patriarch Kirill to lay the cornerstone of a new church in Tushino, 5 September 2014
"The number of schools offering quality education has grown in Moscow many times over. At the outset, we only had several dozen top-notch schools and a large number of mediocre schools. Now more than half of Moscow schools are in excellent shape. ." Open teachers council meeting, 24 August 2014
"We have adopted the My Street programme, under which all Moscow streets will be renovated and landscaped. Most will be upgraded within three years.." Opening of a pedestrian area on Pyatnitskaya Street, 22 August 2014
"The National Exhibition of Economic Achievements has become a comfortable, open public space. We have undertaken a major improvement programme, repaired, restored and put in new lawns, flower beds, pedestrian paths, renovated athletic grounds and playgrounds, fountains, and cleaned the ponds.." 75th anniversary of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements, 1 August 2014
"We have completely rebuilt the canal… The Rowing Canal has now become one of the best international venues for holding the IFC Canoe Sprint World Championships.." Visit to the Rowing Canal, 31 July 2014
"The renovation of the Dmitrovskoye Motorway is a major construction project in Moscow. It includes the renovation of 25 kilometres of roads, two large interchanges, two transit overpasses and over 20 kilometres of designated public transport lanes. Taken together, this makes it a vital facility for the development of the transit system in the north of Moscow.." Opening of a new overpass on the Dmitrovskoye Motorway, 21 July 2014
"In the past, only federal hospitals offered high-tech medical services, but now such services are available at ordinary hospitals in the capital. ." Opening of a clinical-diagnostic unit at State Hospital No 64, 3 July 2014
"Moscow is restoring its historical heritage and becoming more beautiful. I am grateful to the investors who come to those sites and create such beauty out of ruins, recovering the old historic look of the capital.." Touring the newly renovated Military Paramedic School, 27 June 2014
"The death rate is falling with every year in most categories, including such an important category as infant mortality. The average life span is increasing. These two trends have accounted for the positive demographics in the city for the first time in the last few decades.." Speech at a gala concert for Medical Worker Day, 11 June 2014
"There are 350 museums in Moscow, which is the largest number among all metropolises worldwide. And museums are becoming more and more popular.." Opening of the Intermuseum-2014 International Museum Festival, 4 June 2014
"The former premises of ZIL have come alive. We are starting an extensive project to redevelop the largest abandoned industrial area." Inspecting the development of the ZIL industrial zone, 16 May 2014
"Over the past three years, Moscow has created 140,000 new places at preschool institutions. There is no queue for children aged three to seven." Visit to a new kindergarten entitled to a reduced rental rate, 13 May 2014
"The services of GPs are provided free of charge under the mandatory medical insurance system. The city leases out commercial premises at one rouble per square metre, while investors pay for installing modern equipment." Visit to a Neighbourhood Doctor clinic in Nekrasovka, 12 May 2014
"We expect that over 500,000 people will visit these small neighbourhood clinics, which should lessen the burden on outpatient clinics and increase the accessibility of healthcare in Moscow." Visit to a Neighbourhood Doctor clinic in Nekrasovka, 12 May 2014
"The All-Russian School Olympiad has concluded. According to the results, 30% of the winners are Moscow school students. Of course, this speaks to the annual improvement of general education in Moscow." Meeting on current issues, 8 May 2014
"Last year, the number of foreign tourists reached a historic high of 5.6 million. Fortunately, it is the second year running that we have not ranked among the world’s most expensive cities for tourists." Moscow Government meeting, 29 April 2014
"When the new federal law entered into force, we could not even imagine that there would be 40,000 taxis in Moscow. Today we can compete with New York and have topped Soviet Moscow’s figures." The Novoye Taksi (New Taxi) festival, 26 April 2014
"Every year, some 50 small neighbourhood parks will be created near residential areas. They will have sports and children’s playgrounds, as well as footpaths, cycling tracks and other facilities." Interview with Moskva-24 television channel, 26 April 2014
"Today, almost all Muscovites are involved in this work. Muscovites are not only able to file a complaint, but also to monitor the work performed to address such a complaint, which is very important." Meeting with the Our City crowdsourcing project participants, 24 April 2014
"In fact, we have created a new city management authority. The website is just the surface layer — there is a huge amount of organisational work behind it." Meeting with the Our City crowdsourcing project participants, 24 April 2014
"Returning the old name to the centre would absolutely be the right thing to do. We asked Muscovites, and 90% want the old name back." Visiting the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, 24 April 2014
"Savings from tenders have reached one-quarter of all of the costs involved in the placement of an order, which largely helps us to spend more money on the city’s development." 10th All-Russian Forum & Exhibition Goszakaz-2014, 23 April 2014
"Last year, Moscow secured a record $40 billion in investment. Of this amount, two-thirds are private investment." 10th All-Russian Forum & Exhibition Goszakaz-2014, 23 April 2014
"We won’t be able to effectively run the affairs of such a large metropolitan area as Moscow without continuous communication with Muscovites." Meeting on current issues, 4 April 2014
"The baby boom is continuing in Moscow, and last year, the number of children from large families increased by 25,000, and the number of such families exceeded 90,000. This is a record for Moscow since its founding and for the country." Parental Glory state awards ceremony, 28 March 2014
"This year, we introduced a new programme on targeted support for families who need financial aid, evaluated large families, and are developing a programme on specific support for each family." Parental Glory state awards ceremony, 28 March 2014
"The preservation of Moscow’s historic urban landscape is the foundation for our city’s future development. In 2010, we restored only 10 cultural landmarks, elements of our cultural heritage, but already in 2013, we restored 200 landmarks and plan to restore a comparable number this year." Moscow Government meeting, 25 March 2014
"“Revival” and “a new lease on life” describe the current developments at our libraries, which are gradually turning into modern media centres." Address at a concert on Cultural Worker’s Day, 25 March 2014
"Efforts to monitor the work of city services on the Our City website have become sufficiently popular. Currently, the number of complaints through this website exceeds the number of traditional written complaints received by city services." Moscow Government meeting, 11 March 2014
"The ZIL culture centre is a brilliant example of a modern action-packed cultural institution created at the site of the almost abandoned old cultural centre." Comments to TV-Centre television channel, 4 March 2014
"During this series of memorable events, we cannot lose sight of our main goals: taking care of war veterans, providing assistance to the families of army servicemen, raising the younger generation, and preserving the traditions of patriotism and loyalty to one’s duty." Gala concert on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day, 19 February 2014
"We have introduced a special system of funding for the municipal authorities to enable them to spend money on improving their districts." Moscow Government meeting, 4 February 2014
"The development of new territory is a task for decades, not just for a year or two." Meeting on comprehensive development of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, 1 July 2013
"An opportunity has arisen for setting up large business and economic activity centres in the newly incorporated areas, with tens and hundreds of thousands of new, quality jobs." Meeting on comprehensive development of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, 1 July 2013
"Following the incorporation of new areas, Moscow’s territory has become more balanced. There is now a real opportunity to start improving the remaining discrepancies in the city’s development step by step." Meeting on comprehensive development of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, 1 July 2013
"Some 10 km of pedestrian roads will be built in the city centre, with parts of them adjoined to road traffic. Pavement will be expanded and improved to make pedestrians feel comfortable." Meeting with journalists on housing, utilities and renovation issues, June 14, 2013
"This year, a total of 49 new, so called people's parks will be set up and equipped. These projects were developed based on proposals from Moscow residents." Meeting with journalists on housing, utilities and renovation issues, 14 June 2013
"This year, we will improve some 150 passenger transport hubs, which will become mini-terminals. I consider this one of the priorities of my work." Interview with the Izvestiya newspaper, 30 May 2013
"A task has been set for the polycentric development of the city, securing a proper balance of interests, construction of housing and social facilities, transport development and providing new jobs." Moscow Public Chamber meeting, 4 June 2013
"Putting road traffic in order is possible only by changing the principles for road traffic organisation, and the conduct and actions of drivers and businesses." Moscow Public Chamber meeting, 4 June 2013
"The programme for the development of Moscow’s transport infrastructure is the largest not only in Russia, but also as compared to the vast majority of the world’s metropolitan cities." Moscow Public Chamber meeting, 4 June 2013
"Within the next two years, we will launch integrated government service centres all over Moscow, while the city’s web portal of state services will be updated with new features, with most of the city authorities’ services to be available through the Internet." Moscow Public Chamber meeting, 4 June 2013
"A comfortable and convenient city begins at your doorstep, in your courtyard, in front of your block of flats. In 2011, we implemented an unprecedented programme of improvements in Moscow." From a report on the Moscow Government’s performance at the Moscow City Duma, 19 October 2011
"We have set up a system of city interactive web-portals, providing the opportunity to visit and post proposals, complaints and comments and receive a response for everyone who wishes to do so." Interview with the Moskovskiye Novosti newspaper, 30 May 2013
"Moscow has the highest research capacity in the country." Meeting with young researchers at Slava technology park, 8 February 2013
"Real estate construction in Moscow will increase, despite all predictions." Meeting of the Moscow Urban Development and Construction Complex Board, 7 February 2013
"We develop city web portals which have already enabled tens, hundreds of thousands of people to voice their problems." Expanded board meeting of the Prosecutor Office of Moscow, 1 February 2013
"We expect the security agencies to continue in their determined efforts to fight corruption and bribery in the housing and utilities sector." Expanded board meeting of the Prosecutor Office of Moscow, 1 February 2013
"We look forward to cooperating with people who love Moscow and who can afford to invest in the restoration of its historical heritage." Meeting at the Muravyov-Apostol Mansion, 30 January 2013
"IT, the most promising and interesting sector of development, is increasingly shaping the future of Moscow’s economy ." Meeting with IT community members, 28 January 2013
"The comprehensive protection of architectural monuments should become standard practice." Moscow Government meeting, 27 March 2012
"Creating land use rules and an urban development master plan is essential for construction in Moscow." 22 March 2012
"The Government’s top priorities include the rehabilitation of the city’s environment and green areas, as well as the protection of its air, water and soil." 20 March 2012
"We are essentially doubling funding for metro development once again. We doubled funding from 2010 to 2011, and we are doubling it again this year compared to 2011." Meeting on the implementation of the Urban Development Policy, 11 March 2012
"We must introduce innovative education systems, electronic textbooks, new academic programmes and other such things. The equipment that we are supplying to schools should be used as effectively as possible." Moscow Government meeting, 21 February 2012
"We should not oppose urbanisation. What we should oppose is chaotic urbanisation." Interview to, 15 February 2012
"It is likewise important to get citizens involved in how the city is run." 13 February 2012
"Moscow’s construction industry is capable of meeting the most ambitious and formidable challenges. Some of the best architects, designers, engineers and builders work in our city."
"Moscow is a city of great opportunities. It is open to your ideas, plans and projects." Forum Rossiya-2012, 3 Fubruary 2012
"Self-governance and parental oversight are key tools in the effort to enhance the quality of school education." Form a speech at a meeting of the Governing Board of School 875, 23 November 2011
"The feedback system has been developed to take the city’s pulse, understand the city’s problems and take adequate decisions." From an interview with the programme Local Time. Vesti Moscow: A Week in the City on the Rossiya-1 TV channel, 13 November 2011
"People’s trust in the authorities and desire to work together with them to change our city are the foundation on which we will move efficiently toward improving Moscow." From a speech at a meeting of deputies of municipal legislatures, 12 November 2011
"None of the areas addressed in the state programmes is abstract; each of them has been fleshed out." From a speech at the VI Moscow Civil Forum Society and Government: Development Strategy, 9 November 2011
"We plan to build 75 km of new lines within five years, and approximately as much in the next five years. It will be the most rapid construction in the history of the metro." From an interview with the Lenta. ru portal, 19 October 2011
"Freeing Moscow from excessive and intrusive advertising is one more front in our battle for the city." From a report on the Moscow Government’s performance at the Moscow City Duma, 19 October 2011
"Together we have come to the obvious conclusion that Moscow should exist and develop not for the benefit of officials or to ensure windfall profits for business, but for the people." From a report on the Moscow Government’s performance at the Moscow City Duma, 19 October 2011
"Our main achievement in the past year was to change the ideology behind the city’s development." From a report on the Moscow Government’s performance at the Moscow City Duma, 19 October 2011
"Social assistance for veterans must not stop after the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow." From a speech at a meeting of the Organising Committee for the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Moscow, 12 October 2011
"It is our common task to help find a family for each child in Moscow left without parental care." From a speech at a Moscow Government meeting, 20 September 2011
"«Moscow for Life, Moscow for People» is a living programme that will develop and grow alongside the city for the benefit of its residents." From an interview with the programme Local Time. Vesti Moscow: A Week in the City on the Rossiya-1 TV channel, 18 September 2011
"How do we want to see our common home, Moscow? We want to see it primarily as comfortable, cosy and safe for living." From a speech at a meeting of the Moscow branch of the United Russia party, 14 September 2011
"Our goal is to help all people make a good life for themselves, get a good education, find a good job and resolve their housing issues." From a speech at a meeting of the Moscow branch of the United Russia party, 14 September 2011
"Moscow’s rich cultural heritage makes it the unique, inimitable city, which we know and love. Preserving this heritage will always be one of our priorities." From a speech at a meeting of the Moscow branch of the United Russia party, 14 September 2011
"We are not making promises which we cannot implement, but consolidating resources to implement projects which will really benefit the people." From a speech at a meeting of the Moscow branch of the United Russia party, 14 September 2011
"Elections are feedback in its purest form." From an interview with Vesti FM, 13 September 2011
"Moscow’s universities are a country unto itself. And the further development of the city and the nation largely depends on how they operate and develop." From a meeting with the presidium of the Moscow and Moscow Region rectors council, 8 September 2011
"Moscow has the potential to become a top-tier global centre, and it must use this opportunity and take its rightful place." From a speech at the Global Policy Forum 2011 in Yaroslavl, 7 September 2011
"Good preschools, schools and colleges are among Moscow’s greatest treasures and a major element of its draw and economic competitiveness. The rich experience and traditions of Moscow’s educational establishments oblige us to maintain the very highest standard." From a speech at a municipal teachers’ conference, Moscow Education: The Foundation of Muscovites’ Quality of Life, 25 August 2011
"Senior citizens need attention every day. The Moscow government considers this one of its key priorities." From an interview with the programme Local Time. Vesti Moscow: A Week in the City on the Rossiya-1 TV channel, 8 May 2011
"Our veterans are incredibly courageous people. They care greatly for the younger generation." From an interview with the programme Local Time. Vesti Moscow: A Week in the City on the Rossiya-1 TV channel, 8 May 2011
"I will continue visiting neighbourhoods and stopping on the street to talk with Muscovites, so as to see the situation as it is. This is my duty." From a live broadcast of the programme Our City on TV Centre, 23 March 2011
"We must create conditions for municipal transport to become a faster means of transport than personal vehicles. We need optimal logistics and comfortable public transport, and this will help us resolve the transport problem." Form an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio station, 16 February 2011
"The hope is that Moscow will change for the better. To earn people’s trust, we need to move forward for one, two or three years, and show practical results." From an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio station, 16 February 2011
"I sincerely want Moscow to become a comfortable place for living, the best city in Russia and one of the best in Europe." From an interview with the programme Sunday Time on Channel One, 31 October 2010

Sergei Sobyanin was vested with the authority of Moscow Mayor for five years as of 21 October 2010 by the Moscow City Duma upon President Dmitry Medvedev’s recommendation.

On 5 June 2013, Mr Sobyanin submitted a letter of resignation to President Vladimir Putin, allowing for the 2013 Moscow mayoral election to be held.

Mr Putin signed a decree on Mr Sobyanin’s resignation as Moscow Mayor upon his own request, and appointed him as the Acting Moscow Mayor until the mayor-elect takes office.

The Moscow City Duma has adopted a resolution on scheduling the date of the Moscow mayoral election as 8 September 2013.

On 8 September 2013 Sergei Sobyanin was elected Moscow Mayor for a five-year term. He took office on 12 September.