Subordinate organisations

Organisations under the Department of Healthcare

  • Moscow Healthcare Department’s Centre for Medication Certification and Quality Oversight(state public healthcare facility)
  • Moscow Healthcare Department’s Information and Analysis Centre (state public healthcare facility)
  • Gormedtekhnika (state unitary enterprise)
  • Medproyektremstroi (state unitary construction enterprise)
  • Rezerv — Mobilisation Reserves Medical Centre (state special purpose enterprise)
  • PTO KRiS DZM (Moscow Healthcare Department’s Operational and Technical Association for Renovation and Construction, state enterprise)
  • RSU DZM (Moscow Healthcare Department’s Renovation and Construction Directorate, state unitary enterprise)
  • Specialised Directorate No.2 (state unitary enterprise)
  • Stolichnye Apteki (state unitary enterprise)
  • Mosavtotrans car plant (state unitary enterprise)
  • Mosmedkomplekt (public enterprise)
  • Centre for Medical Inspection
  • Central Archives

Educational facilities

  • Medical and pharmaceutical vocational schools
  • Medical vocational schools

Specialised facilities and services

  • Puchkov Emergency Centre
  • Emergency Medicine Research and Practice Centre
  • Blood Transfusion Centre
  • Forensic Examination Centre
  • Medical Statistics Centre
  • Municipal medical centres
  • Medical institutions of city subordination

Research and practice centres

  • Multifunctional and specialised hospitals
  • War veteran hospitals
  • Specialised health centres
  • First aid points
  • Outpatient centres
  • Health resorts

Healthcare directorates in administrative areas

District healthcare facilities

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient centres
  • First aid points
  • Specialised health centres
  • Children’s health resorts
  • State care facilities for young children and infants
  • Maternity hospitals