Department for Major Housing Repairs

Department Head

Vitaly Mikhailichenko

About the Department

Areas of activity

  • Implementing the municipal targeted programme for major repair work on residential buildings for the period 2008-2014 (inclusive) in accordance with existing federal and municipal laws and regulations. Drafting the main provisions of the science and technology policy governing major housing repairs, drafting plans, organising experimental design work, implementing research and development projects.
  • Implementing new materials, technologies, equipment, and design solutions.
  • Developing measures to improve efficiency and quality of work through:
    • streamlining working methods;
    • building facilities to manufacture new materials, developing new designs and engineering equipment drawing on 
    • scientific and technological advances;
    • developing proposals for the purchase and use of the most promising imported and domestic materials, technologies and manufacturing equipment.
  • Approving design estimates for major repairs, reconstruction and modernisation.
  • Ensuring commissioning of the facilities where major repair work has been carried out and proper recording of completed tasks involving major repair work to residential buildings.
  • Developing proposals for the implementation of mechanisms for accumulation and investment of the property owners’ and other extra-budgetary funds allocated for major repair work to residential buildings.
  • Providing organisational and methodological support and coordination for Moscow’s executive authorities to draft major repair work schedules, including the development of regulatory frameworks to define their tasks and funding sources.
  • Developing the financial and economic mechanisms and regulatory framework required to implement programmes of major repair work. Considering and adopting regulations and other regulatory and technical documentation.
  • Drafting, placing and ensuring the fulfilment of government contracts in the established procedure, monitoring the targeted and prudent spending of budget funds allocated for major repair work to residential buildings.
  • Providing legal support, guidance, material and financial oversight over the activities of subordinate enterprises and agencies.
  • Taking a role in international economic and interregional relations on urban, industrial, and scientific and technical policies as they relate to the department.
  • Other functions as stipulated in federal and municipal regulations.