Department for Foreign Economic Activity and International Relations

Established: 2008
Reports to: Moscow government minister

Key objectives:

  • Developing Moscow’s international relations strategy to improve links with foreign partners and submitting relevant proposals to the mayor.
  • Developing and participating in the foreign economic activity and international relation policies conducted by Moscow, as well as policies to attract and protect foreign investments in Moscow’s economy.
  • Carrying out Moscow’s cooperation with international, including regional, organisations, including Moscow’s participation as member of these organisations, and coordinating Moscow executive bodies’ membership in international organisations.
  • Coordinating international cooperation of Moscow executive bodies with foreign partners in order to implement Moscow’s policy in the area of foreign economic activity and international relations and exercise Moscow’s international rights and obligations.
  • Coordinating the activities of executive bodies to attract foreign investment in the city’s programmes and projects, developing measures to enhance the appeal of the city’s programmes for foreign investors and developing an investment project database.

13 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, 125032

Metro stations: Okhotny Ryad, Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, and Chekhovskaya

+7 (495) 633-68-66
+7 (495) 633-68-65 (факс)