• Establishing and expanding relations with the capitals, cities, regions and other territorial and administrative units of foreign countries, as well as the government authorities of foreign countries in order to promote bilateral trade and economic, scientific and technological, humanitarian, cultural and other forms of international cooperation and share the latest achievements in the sphere of urban management and municipal services.
  • Informing Russian and foreign audiences of the international activities of the Moscow government.
  • Managing and supervising the activities of the foreign-based Houses of Moscow and Moscow representative offices.
  • Coordinating the implementation of Moscow municipal policy for the support of the Russians living abroad; drafting and implementing municipal programmes for compatriots living abroad.
  • Organising foreign visits by the Moscow mayor and the Moscow government delegations.
  • Organising visits and talks with foreign delegations arriving in Moscow at the invitation of Moscow mayor and the Moscow government.
  • Organising and conducting meetings of the Moscow mayor and the Moscow government representatives with foreign delegations and visitors.
  • Preparing documentation necessary for foreign business trips by the Moscow mayor and the Moscow government, heads and employees of the Executive Office of the (Moscow) Mayor and Moscow Government and heads of Moscow executive bodies; providing visa support to foreign visitors invited by Moscow mayor or the Moscow government.
  • Providing protocol support for official international functions attended by the Moscow mayor or duly authorised members of the Moscow government.
  • Drafting Moscow’s Consolidated Plan for International Relations and monitoring its implementation.
  • Drafting and submitting for consideration by the Moscow mayor proposals regarding the Moscow government’s participation in international functions held in Russia and abroad.
  • Organising efforts to promote Moscow’s international prestige.
  • Performing the functions of municipal contracting authority for the implementation of the targeted programme to support compatriots living abroad and international functions attended by the Moscow mayor or the Moscow government.
  • Coordinating activities by Moscow’s executive authority to promote Moscow exports and optimise imports. Facilitating export activities of Moscow-based enterprises and promoting their products on external markets.
  • Representing the interests of Moscow with the federal authorities responsible for regulating foreign economic activity and international relations and monitoring the activities of legal entities in order to protect the interests of the city of Moscow.
  • Performing the functions of a state contractor for procuring goods, performing work and providing services to meet the needs of the city of Moscow according to the procedure established by federal legislation. Conducting auctions according to the established procedure and signing government contracts for the supply of goods, performing work or providing services to meet state needs within the scope of competence, including with the participation of foreign companies.
  • Preparing analytical reports and information related to Moscow’s international cooperation activities. Providing information about foreign economic activity and international relations to the bodies of state authority of the city of Moscow, along with methodological, consulting and information support.
  • Coordinating foreign business trips by delegations and individual members of the Moscow government and executive bodies, organising foreign business trips by the Moscow government and assisting Moscow executive bodies in sending their representatives abroad.
  • Facilitating foreign business activities in Moscow, monitoring the fulfilment of Moscow’s commitments to foreign economic agents and taking measures to protect foreign investment.
  • Performing other functions in accordance with federal legislation as well as the laws and regulatory acts of the city of Moscow.