Organisational structure

  • Top Managers
  • Directorate of the Department Head
  • Planning and Budgetary Directorate
  • Directorate for Oversight, Accounting and Reporting:
    • Oversight and Audit Division
    • Accounting and Reporting Division
    • Mobilisation Training Section
    • Security Section
  • Administrative Directorate:
    • Document Control Section
  • Legal Directorate
  • Directorate of Government Service, Human Resources and Awards
  • Sport Directorate:
    • Sport Methodology Division
    • Division of Adaptive Physical Fitness and Sport
    • Division of Children’s and Youth Sport
    • Section for Educational Institutions
    • Section for City Sport Programmes
  • Directorate for International and Interregional Relations
  • Directorate of Physical Fitness and Mass-Participation Sporting Events:
    • Section for Mass-Participation Sport Programmes
    • Section for Relations with Local Authorities
  • Directorate for Long-Term Sector Development
  • Construction and Renovation Directorate
  • Directorate for the Upgrade and Maintenance of Facilities:
    • Operative and Administrative Section
  • Administrative Area Directorates of Physical Fitness and Sport (territorial divisions of the Moscow Sport Committee)