Regional Energy Commission


Pavel Grebtsov


  • Born September 9, 1976.
  • 2000: Graduated from the G.V. Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (with a degree in Management).
  • 2000: Leading specialist at the Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
  • 2001-2004: Head of the division for regulation of the electric power industry at the Federal Energy Commission of the Russian Federation.
  • 2004-2010: served in commercial companies.
  • 2010-2011: Director of the Department for Strategic Planning and Tariff Regulation of the Moscow United Electric Grid Company (MOESK)
  • July 2011: Appointed Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Regional Energy Commission by the Mayor of Moscow.
  • November 2011: Appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Regional Energy Commission.
  • 22 September 2014: Appointed Chairman of the Moscow Regional Energy Commission.
  • Rank: Councillor of the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation.

About the Commission

Areas of activity

Setting economically justified tariffs (prices) for the following products (work, services) offered by regulated providers, in keeping with the general principles of electricity and heat pricing formulated by the Russian government, as well as by the regulatory acts of the Russian Federation and Moscow:

  • natural gas sold to the population and housing construction cooperatives; liquefied natural gas sold to the population for everyday needs (except for gas used to fuel motor vehicles);
  • electricity and heat (except for heat produced by organisations that supply electricity on the wholesale market); and sales mark-ups for regulated organisations that guarantee supplies of electricity on the retail (consumer) electricity markets;
  • solid fuel, heating oil and kerosene sold to city residents; managing organisations; homeowner associations; housing, housing construction or other specialised consumer cooperatives set up to meet residents’ housing needs;
  • transporting passengers and luggage by river over short distances and at river crossings;
  • transport services provided on railway approach lines by industrial rail transport organisations and other economic agents regardless of their legal status, except for federal rail transport organisations;
  • transporting passengers and luggage by all types of public municipal transport, the metro included, and by commuter services (except by rail);
  • commuter railway services (within the Moscow city boundary) provided by natural monopolies;
  • products and services offered by water supply, sewage and sewage treatment organisations.

Developing proposals on tariff (price) caps for products (work, services) offered by regulated providers in Moscow, and submitting said proposals to the federal executive body authorised to exercise legal regulation in the sphere of government price (tariff) regulation with regard to commodities (services) in accordance with Russian law.

Setting tariffs for electricity (heat) energy (power) transmission services using regulated providers’ grids in Moscow; setting the fee for connecting to power grids as well as connection tariffs charged by utility organisations, and utility connection tariffs for newly-built (remodelled) real estate facilities (buildings, structures, edifices, and other facilities).

Appraising tariff-setting proposals.

Preparing expert opinions on draft technical design specifications for investment programmes developed by public utilities operating in Moscow.

Considering and approving draft investment programmes of public utilities operating in Moscow.

Monitoring progress made by the city’s public utilities on developing investment programmes.

Approving the investment programmes of electric power engineering entities and grid organisations operating in Moscow whose investment programmes are coordinated and overseen by Moscow executive bodies.

Exercising government oversight by evaluating:

  • the economic feasibility of production programmes of regulated providers and their calculations of tariffs and mark-ups;
  • the operations of regulated providers, including consumer access to their products (work, services);
  • the use of investment resources included in regulated tariffs (prices);
  • and the compliance of regulated providers with pricing laws, including with regard to employing the established tariffs (prices).

Helping draft and coordinate the regulated providers’ production and sale balances for products (work, services).

Interpreting, within its terms of reference, any differences that may arise in connection with government regulation and enforcement of tariffs (prices).

Requesting and receiving, in accordance with the established procedure, documents and other validating materials concerning issues of government tariff (price) regulation and oversight over the operations of regulated providers from Moscow’s government authorities, regulated providers and other organisations.

Drawing up and submitting proposals on improving the effective legislative acts in the area of government tariff (price) regulation and on adopting new ones, as well as proposals for improving oversight of the operations of regulated providers in Russia, to the federal executive body authorised to exercise legal regulation in the sphere of government tariff (price) regulation in accordance with Russian law.

Participating in the activities of organisations, including international ones, with a focus on the issues of pricing, government tariff (price) regulation, and energy security, conservation and efficiency.

Working with interested parties to draw up draft legislation for energy conservation in accordance with the established procedure.

Duly evaluating and approving regulated providers’ lists of capital construction projects and determining the economically justified amount of investments to be made in these projects.

Forming an expert public council at the Regional Energy Commission consisting of representatives of regulated organisations and the city’s expert and public organisations, as well as consumers.

Forming expert (working) groups to consider issues within the terms of reference of the Regional Energy Commission.

Publishing decisions taken by the Commission within its terms of reference in the official periodicals of the Moscow government and the Regional Energy Commission, as well as in other media outlets and/or the internet.

Publishing annual performance reports and forwarding them to the federal executive body authorised to exercise legal regulation in the area of government price (tariff) regulation in accordance with Russian law.

Exercising oversight of:

  • the use of investment resources included in regulated tariffs (prices);
  • and the compliance of regulated providers with pricing laws, including with regard to employing the established tariffs (prices), by practicing oversight and examining relevant cases opened under the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation.

Participating in approving gas supply programmes; determining the amount of the special mark-up on gas transportation services using gas distribution nets; and verifying gas distribution organisations’ reports on the use of revenues from the said special mark-up.

Exercising other powers necessary to perform its functions and achieve its objectives in accordance with federal laws and regulatory acts of the Russian Federation and Moscow.