Department for Media and Advertising

Department Head

Ivan Shubin


About the Department

Areas of activity

  • Liaison with the editors of various media outlets to facilitate timely media coverage of the mayor and the Moscow government’s activities, attracting specialists to speak to the media about issues that are at the forefront of city residents’ concerns.
  • Facilitating communication between the mayor, the Moscow government, and the city executive and the media.
  • Supplying the media with material about the mayor and the Moscow government’s activities; preparing press releases about the activities of the mayor, the Moscow government and the city executive, for media outlets across the city and nationwide.
  • Arranging press conferences and meetings between the leaders of city executive bodies and members of the media.
  • Analysing and systematising materials about the mayor and the Moscow government’s activities published in the media.
  • Carrying out surveys of public opinion on the mayor and the Moscow government’s activities.
  • Communicating with federal government authorities and the city’s executive bodies responsible for implementing media policy; and taking measures to translate this policy into life.
  • Facilitating the development of the city and territorial media and telecommunications systems, enhancing the effectiveness of their use, and expanding their reach.
  • Reviewing ideas for periodicals, television and radio broadcasts, proposals for new TV programmes; and liaising with cable TV studios located in the city, its administrative areas and districts.
  • Carrying out telecoms and other projects in collaboration with the federal government authorities, regional periodicals, digital media and telecoms operators on a contractual basis according to established procedure.
  • Taking a role in the preparation of joint action plans to carry out bilateral agreements for developing the telecoms sector and digital media signed by the Moscow government and the CIS and Baltic states’ public authorities.
  • Drafting city laws and other regulatory acts governing relations in the telecommunications sector and the media, distributing periodicals, books, audio, visual products and other information sources, and submitting them, as well as other proposals on issues falling within the terms of reference of the department, to the appropriate government bodies and executives for consideration; and offering expert policy advice on draft regulatory acts drawn up by other city executive bodies.
  • Acting as the chief of accounts regarding the city’s budgetary funds as specified in Russia’s budget laws and the departmental classification of expenses covered from the city budget, including oversight over the allocation of budget funds for targeted purposes (para. 3.4 of the version of the Moscow government’s Resolution No. 818-PP of 25 August 2009).
  • Participating, as specified under established procedure, in establishing, reorganising and liquidating state-run enterprises under city authority ownership (para. 3.5 of the version of the Moscow government’s Resolution No. 712-PP of 13 September 2005).
  • Overseeing, within its terms of reference, compliance with federal and city laws governing the distribution of video and audio cassettes, computer data carriers, and laser compact discs, as applicable under the appropriate governing regulatory acts.
  • Working to upgrade the media’s equipment and facilities, improve the distribution of printed material, and generating proposals to launch outlets for marketing media products.
  • Facilitating cooperation between the city executive bodies and the journalists’ civic organisations.
  • Managing the work of the expert panel which considers nominations for the city annual awards for journalism.
  • Liaising with organisations based in Moscow on issues of improving information and telecoms services to the population of Moscow; and dealing with requests lodged by individuals and organisations regarding TV signal reception quality citywide.
  • Drawing up targeted programmes and initiatives focusing on the development of the telecoms sector, the media, printing, publishing, book retail enterprises, and on developing distribution for periodicals and electronic data carriers; and coordinating cooperation between the different operators in telecoms service provision to enhance the cable TV service on offer in Moscow.
  • Taking part in planning emergency mobilisation activities in keeping with federal and city law and municipal legislative acts.
  • Managing the work of the Information Security Commission that reports to the Moscow mayor.
  • Coordinating the use of municipal TV and radio networks for information security purposes.
  • Taking part in licensing design and construction works to lay, operate and maintain telecommunications lines, according to the established procedure and as specified by federal law.
  • Engaging in international cooperation aimed at fulfilling the Department’s functions in keeping with federal law; and working with international associations as appropriate under its terms of reference.
  • Implementing human resources policy at enterprises reporting to the Department, and monitoring their efficient, targeted property use.
  • Shaping film production targeted programmes and arranging expert appraisal of film projects.
  • Developing and implementing measures to commission procedural, expert, logistical, legal, and financial support for the preparation and publishing of titles included in the Moscow government’s information publishing programmes.
  • Facilitating the work of the Moscow city book publishing council and its commission of experts.
  • Performing other functions in accordance with the regulatory acts of the Russian Federation and Moscow.