Organisational structure

Department administration

Directorate for the Moscow Urban Development Plan and Urban Development:

  • Division for Drafting and Monitoring the Implementation Schedule for the Moscow Urban Development Plan
  • Division for Drafting and Monitoring the City’s Targeted Urban Development Programmes

Directorate for Science and Technology Policy:

  • Division for Science and Technology Programmes and Building Standards
  • Division for Standard Design

Directorate for Future Territorial Development:

  • Division for the Development of the Construction Industry and Building Materials Production

Directorate for Civil Engineering and Housing Construction Programmes:

  • Division for Housing Construction Programmes
  • Division for Civil Engineering Programmes
  • Division for Reviewing Citizen Enquiries on Urban Planning Issues

Directorate for Engineering and Transport Infrastructure Construction Programmes:

  • Division for Engineering Infrastructure Construction Programmes
  • Division for Transport Infrastructure Construction Programmes

Directorate for the Comprehensive Development Programme for the Centre of Moscow and Priority Construction Projects:

  • Section for the Comprehensive Development Programme for the Centre of Moscow

Directorate for Coordinated Drafting and Approval of Design Documentation

Directorate for Regulatory Support

Directorate for Information and Analysis:

  • IT Division
  • Analysis and External Communications Division

Directorate for Administrative Reform:

  • Division for Administrative Procedures Regulation
  • Division for Administrative Reform

Finance and Economics Directorate:

  • Economics Division
  • Accounting Division

Directorate for Corporate Development:

  • Division for Corporate Governance
  • Division for Reforming Subordinate Organisations

Business Directorate:

  • Division for Placing Government Orders and Supporting Department Activities
  • Document Processing Division
  • Organisational Section

Security Directorate

Directorate for Civil Service and Personnel:

  • Division for Civil Service and Personnel
  • Section for Cooperation with the Construction Industry

First Division

Second Division