Department for Competition Policy

Department Head

Gennady Dyogtev


  • 1983: Graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute.
  • 1988: Elected First Secretary of the Kalinin District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), Moscow.
  • 1990: Deputy, Kalinin District Soviet of People’s Deputies, Moscow.
  • 1991: Deputy Head, Lefortovo District Administration, Southeastern Administrative Area.
  • 1997: Head, Lefortovo District Administration.
  • 1998: Appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Power Engineering and Transport in the Government of the Chuvash Republic.
  • 2000: Administration Head, Central Administrative Area, Moscow.
  • 2004: Chairman, Moscow Committee for Tenders and Auctions.
  • 2006 — present: Head, Moscow Department for Competition Policy (Tenders Committee).
  • June 6, 2013: Appointed Acting Head of the Department for Competition Policy.
  • September 17, 2013: Appointed Head of the Department for Competition Policy.
  • Awarded the medal of the Order for Service to the Motherland, 2nd Class.
  • Married, with a daughter.

About the Department

Areas of activity

  • Providing organisational, methodological and legal support to protect competition, place government orders, organise and conduct tenders, register government and investment contracts in Moscow.
  • Developing municipal programmes for competition policies, government order placement, organisation and conduct of tenders, and evolution of a unified public bidding system.
  • Developing comprehensive measures to promote competition, improve the efficient use of budget funds allocated for the government order financing, increase return on investment, and facilitate the use of extra-budgetary funds for urban needs.
  • Drafting municipal laws and regulations and submitting them for consideration by the appropriate municipal authorities and officials in matters pertaining to the department’s business.
  • Drafting municipal legislation on the approval of regulations governing cooperation between the Moscow executive bodies in the area of competitive policy, government order placement, organisation and holding of tenders and a unified public bidding system.
  • Developing mandatory standard forms for documents, methodological recommendations, requirements, procedures and regulations in the area of competitive policy, government order placement, organisation and conduct of tenders, organisation of a unified public bidding system, organisation of a citywide system of bidding sites at the municipal, district and industry-specific levels, and divisions for the organisation and holding of tenders at bodies of power in Moscow.
  • Planning, monitoring and analysing progress on placing government orders, organising a unified public bidding system in Moscow, and implementing competition policy in Moscow.
  • Developing industry-specific criteria and performance indicators for promoting competition in Moscow.
  • Supporting the functioning and development of the system of integrated trading sites at the municipal, district and industry-specific levels.
  • Coordinating the work of and providing organisational-methodological guidance and information-analytical support for structural units established at the administrative areas’ prefectures and other Moscow government authorities in charge of the placement of government orders and organisation and conduct of tenders.
  • Planning tenders for government order placement and investment tenders based on applications filed by municipal customers, on the targeted investment programme, and on the municipal regulatory acts.
  • Coordinating, within its terms of reference, tender documentation (auction documentation) that has been submitted, checking the source materials that form the basis of the tender documentation and the auction documentation for completeness and conformity to the legislation, participating in the effort to establish and guide the work of expert groups.
  • Securing the functioning and development of the government order placement system.
  • Placing, within its terms of reference, orders on behalf of government customers located in Moscow.
  • Publishing, within the established timeframe, information about government order placement or other tenders in the official printed medium and on the Moscow government’s official web site.
  • Securing the functioning and development of a system for organising and holding tenders.
  • Registering investment contracts and addenda thereto, Moscow-related investment contract implementation reports, partial implementation reports, and preliminary space distribution protocols as provided by the automated information system of the Unified Register of Contracts and Tenders.
  • Organising and coordinating the signing of investment contracts and addenda thereto on behalf of the Moscow government in accordance with the established procedure.
  • Overseeing compliance with the deadlines established for the post-tender signing and registering of investment contracts and their conformity to tender results.
  • Using the automated information system of the Unified Register of Contracts and Tenders to secure oversight over deadlines for signing and registering government contracts, their conformity to tender results, and the recording of parties’ compliance with obligations under government and investment contracts (agreements, addenda).
  • Establishing and maintaining Moscow’s Unified Register of Contracts and Tenders and facilitating the use of its information resources.
  • Organising a service for the maintenance of the Unified Register of Contracts and Tenders and maintaining information kiosks.
  • Facilitating interaction with related information systems.
  • Administering and securing information and technological development of the Moscow government’s official web site for communicating information on government order placement.
  • Informing the population, government authorities, local self-governments, organisations and their associations about the policies and practical outcomes of the Moscow government’s activities in protecting competition, placing government orders, organising and holding tenders, and organising a unified system for public bidding in Moscow; assisting the making of Moscow’s positive image by using the mass media, advertisements, imagery, and artwork, and by holding exhibitions, forums, conferences, round-table discussions and other means of communication.
  • Providing methodological guidance for the training and competence assessment of the employees of organisations involved in the municipal automated information system of the Unified Register of Contracts and Tenders; training direct participants in organising and holding tenders in Moscow.
  • Participating within its terms of reference in the drafting of Moscow agreements and contracts.
  • Studying and disseminating good professional practices, including international ones, in the area of competitive policy, government order placement, organisation and conduct of investment tenders, and organisation of unified public bidding systems.
  • Acting as a government contracting authority brokering the supply of goods, performance of works and provision of services necessary for exercising the Department’s powers; the publication of reports about order placement for Moscow’s government needs; and the technical work to operate automated systems and support bidding procedures.
  • Performing other functions in accordance with its terms of reference, laws and other Moscow’s regulatory acts, instructions by the Mayor of Moscow and Moscow government.