Organisational structure

  • Directorate for the Government Order
    • Division for Tender Preparation
    • Division for Organising and Holding Tenders
    • Contract Information Division
    • Section for Screening Tender Participants
  • Directorate for Investment Tenders and Competition Promotion
    • Division for Investment Tender Preparation
    • Division for Investment Contract Inventory and Monitoring
    • Division for Competitive Procedures Analysis and Application
  • Directorate for Information Support and Development
    • Division for Developing the Unified Automated Information Trading System (EAIST)
    • Information and Investment Portal Division
    • Regulatory Technical Support Division
  • Directorate for Monitoring and Analysis of Government Order Placement
    • Division for Planning and Analysis of Government Order Placement
    • Division for Monitoring the Effective Use of Budget Funds
  • Organisational Directorate
    • Organisational Division
    • General Management Division
    • One-Stop-Shop Service Division
  • Legal Directorate
    • Section for Coordinating Administrative Documents