Directorate for City Magistrates

Directorate Head

Vladimir Regnatsky


  • Born 25 April, 1968.
  • 1985 — graduated from the Suvorov Military School.
  • 1989 — graduated with honours from the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Moscow Higher All-Arms Command Academy.
  • 1998 graduated from the Moscow State Social University.
  • 2000 graduated with honours from the All-Arms Academy of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.
  • 2004 graduated with honours from the Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship and Law under the Government of Moscow.
  • 1989 to 2013 had a military career spanning from a platoon commander to military commissar of Moscow.
  • 2002 to 2006 — military commissar of Ostankino District, Moscow.
  • 2006 to 2009 — deputy military commissar of Moscow.
  • 2010 to 2013 — military commissar of Moscow.
  • 25 June 2013 appointed Head of the Magistrature Directorate of the city of Moscow.
  • Military rank: Colonel.
  • Decorated with a Suvorov Medal and an Order of Honour.
  • Raises three sons.

About the Directorate

Areas of activity

  • Facilitating the work of magistrates’ offices and taking measures to improve it.
  • Selecting, appointing and dismissing employees of magistrates’ offices.
  • Organising professional development and advanced training for magistrates in Moscow.
  • Forming a reserve of public servants trained to work in magistrates’ offices.
  • Organising record keeping and other works related to document management and archiving.
  • Providing magistrates and their offices with the hardware, software and copying equipment necessary for conducting legal proceedings, keeping records, judicial statistics and archives; arranging maintenance as well as technical and preventive servicing for legal information programmes.
  • Organising the recording and systematisation of laws and court practice, and providing magistrates’ courts with legal, background and other materials purchased with funds allocated from the city budget.
  • Analysing material and equipment needs in accordance with established standards and organising logistical support for the Directorate and magistrates’ offices.
  • Arranging medical services, treatment at health resorts, and other social amenities for the Directorate and the magistrates’ employees in accordance with current laws.
  • Preparing reporting forms as required.
  • Accounting, calculating the amount of budget funds to be spent on supporting the operation of the Directorate and magistrates’ offices, implementing budgets, and preparing other statistical reports.
  • Organising and performing oversight of the safety of equipment and other material assets at the Directorate and magistrates’ offices and ensuring that they are being used as intended.
  • Jointly with other municipal executive bodies and local self-government bodies, taking appropriate measures to provide magistrates and other employees with suitable premises and to create conditions which magistrates require to administer justice.
  • Planning major and routine repairs of the premises of magistrates’ courts; organising timely and quality repairs of these premises and their proper operation and maintenance.
  • Acting as customer in contracts to build or to repair premises of magistrates’ courts.
  • Ensuring the compliance of magistrates’ courts with fire safety requirements and sanitary regulations.
  • Ensuring that the premises of magistrates’ courts are secure.
  • Helping to draft regulatory and legislative acts to be issued by the city’s public authorities regarding issues within the directorate’s terms of reference.
  • Engaging in international and inter-regional cooperation to address issues of organising the operation of magistrates’ courts.
  • Preparing proposals for liquidating or establishing new magistrates’ courts in the event of changes in the size of the population of a magisterial precinct or in Moscow’s administrative and territorial division, or under other appropriate circumstances.
  • Reviewing applications and complaints from city residents regarding issues within the Directorate’s terms of reference.
  • Taking other measures necessary to facilitate the activities of the magistrates and their offices, including under the provisions of the agreement signed by the Moscow government, the Moscow City Court and the Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on cooperation to facilitate the work of magistrates in Moscow.