Housing state programme of the city of Moscow

  • to create a resource-based and goal-oriented system to improve housing conditions for Moscow residents based on their needs, material status and existing government commitments
  • to raise the level of comfort and safety of Moscow housing; to improve the quality of housing; and to enhance housing management in Moscow
  • to create comfortable temporary accommodation in Moscow

Target outcomes

  • To commission 12.7 million square metres of housing, including 3.8 million square metres paid for from the city budget
  • To commission 424,000 square metres of municipal lease houses
  • Level of per capita housing provision (the Moscow Region) 24 sq. m./person
  • Major repairs of 23.5 million square metres of blocks of flats
  • To commission 177 hotels with over 51,000 rooms
  • To honour, in accordance with the approved goals, government commitments to provide housing to individuals entitled under the federal and Moscow laws: 88,000 households; 208,000 people
Programme funding (roubles)