Open Government

Objective: To improve the standards of service, quality and accessibility of state services in Moscow

Target outcomes

  • To increase the proportion of people satisfied with the quality of state and municipal, services from 50% to 75% or more of respondents
  • To improve Moscow's position in the Doing Business ranking:
    • from 108th to 60th or higher in terms of starting a business
    • from 182nd to 110th or higher in terms of dealing with construction permits
    • from 93rd to 40th or higher in terms of protecting investors
  • To increase the number of residents who have access to state and municipal services at Integrated Government Service Centres from 20% to 100%
  • To increase the proportion of services provided under the exterritorial, principle (provision of services in any area of the city, independent of a person's place of residence) from 0% to 80% or higher
Programme funding (roubles)