21.10.2015, 12:40

Meeting of the Urban Planning and Land Use Commission

Urban Planning and Land Use Commission approves development projects for promising urban areas

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin held a regular meeting of the Urban Planning and Land Use Commission.

The participants approved applications for planning permissions to restore and adapt to modern use three cultural heritage sites:

— the Newspaper Post Office building (1931, architect Kirill Solomonov) located at 40 Myasnitskaya Street, building 16 (Central Administrative Area);

— the Merchant Gusev urban mansion (first half of the 19th century, 1858, 1882) located at 65/74 Bolshaya Polyanka Street, building 3 (Central Administrative Area);

—the Lepyokhin urban mansion (second half of the 18th — second half of the 19th centuries) — northern wing (third quarter of the 18th — second half of the 19th centuries) located at 4 Andronyevskaya Square, building 3 (Central Administrative Area).

At present, all three buildings are in a deplorable condition.

The commission also approved an application for upgrading the industrial area at 49 Sushchevsky Val (Northeastern Administrative Area). The project provides for the reconstruction of the existing buildings and their conversion into a hotel, offices, and social and household facilities and the construction of a residential neighbourhood. The surface area under construction will be increased to 64,000 sq m.

In all, the commission decided to issue planning permissions for the construction and/or upgrading of 508,500 sq m of real estate, including 175,500 sq m of housing, 124,200 sq m of administrative and office buildings, 16,700 sq m of social facilities, 33,500 sq m of car parks and 76,200 sq m of hotels.